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To the Praying Children

Dearest Children who are Praying for Kiara

Look at you, brave soldiers of God! We sing songs about being the army of God, but did you know how strong you were? If you were to arm wrestle your dad or your mom, I bet they could still beat you! But when it comes to fighting strong by praying, your prayers are as powerful as the strongest grownups!

Many of you know Kiara, and she has held your hand or sat with you when you were scared to go to kids’ church on your own. Many of you have never met her, but one day you will, and you will tell her you prayed.

Kiara is doing well and being brave. She is feeling a bit sick and needs to cough. Put your hands on your ribs and breathe deeply. Can you feel your chest go up and down? Whenever you do that, pray for Kiara’s right lung - the one under your right hand. She has a bit of pneumonia there. Pray that the bugs will die quickly and her lung will be all clear. She can’t afford to get sick now. She still needs to sleep and rest.

Pray for Kiara’s head. Her brain has been terribly hurt. We don’t know if it will ever work again. But we do know that God made it the first time, and we know he can make it again. Pray that the parts of her brain would start healing, that she would wake up and be the same kind, beautiful girl she always was. Pray that God would fix all the parts that were broken so that she remembers everything she knew before.

Children, I am proud of you for remembering to pray and for thinking of others. Sometimes you will forget about Kiara and play and have fun. That’s okay, too. We don’t need you to fight all the time - everyone is taking turns. But when you remember to pray, then it’s your turn, so pray like a warrior again!

Lots of love from

Kiara‘s mom and dad

Kiara’s brothers and their friends taking a break at ‘Bounce’.

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3 comentarios

Aahh, Jaci! You have an incredible way with words! I can feel the love you have for the kids that are rallying around your precious daughter... may this testimony continue to strengthen the faith of EVERY person that is holding Kiara in prayer! Keep strong, Mama bear! 💕 (from Cape Town, Stroebel family)

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I don't know you, dear Jaci, but I heard about Kiara's accident on Facebook. My heart goes out to you, and my family and I are praying every day for yours. I can only imagine how heart-wrenching this is for you and want to thank you for your transparent testimony. Your trust and faith in our good God in the midst of all you are going through gives Him much glory and others hope. Keep clinging to God and being infused with His strength and grace one day at a time.

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Tracy Henry
Tracy Henry
29 dic 2018

Dearest Mun-Gavin family, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I am leaning in to Abba for Kiara's complete healing and peace in the midst of the waiting. As a natural therapist, one of the areas He has given me gifting in is "holding space" for my patients / clients. What a blessing and a privilege to be able to provide that needed hiatus to just breathe and heal. Although distance separates us, please know that along with fervent prayers, I will be "holding space" for Kiara every single time I check up on the blog for answered prayer. We can truly be still and KNOW that He is God.

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