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International Economics Feenstra And Taylor Pdf Download jarrtym




© 2015 by The Regents of the University of California The VINYL EDITION BOOK NOW AVAILABLE Internationally. ECONOMICS. FOURTH EDITION. ROBERT C. FEENSTRA • ALAN M. TAYLOR. University of California, Davis. University of California, Davis. ix Contents Abstract ix Preface ix Chapter 1. Introduction 1.1 The Purpose of This Book 1.2 Chapter 2. Fundamentals of Production and Distribution 2.1 Production: The Process of Making Goods 2.2 Making versus Selling. 2.2.1 The Profit Thesis 2.2.2 The Time Value of Money 2.3 Distribution: The Market for Goods 2.4 The Demand for Goods 2.4.1 The Law of Demand 2.4.2 The Demand Curve 2.4.3 The Law of Supply 2.4.4 Generalizing, Demand and Supply 2.4.5 Why Don't Prices Move? 2.4.6 Demand versus Supply 2.4.7 The Supply Curve 2.5 The Final Chapter 3. Putting It Together: The World of Consumption 3.1 Final Thoughts: Production, Distribution and Consumption 3.2 Appendix 3.3 The World of Consumption This book provides a logical presentation of the economics of production, distribution and consumption in the world of advanced capitalism. The presentation allows the reader to see how the various concepts of economics are applied in real life and how the combination of concepts leads to the emergence of the real world. For most readers, the presentation will be sufficient for their purposes, but if you are interested in seeing more about how the world of advanced capitalism really works, you should also read this book with the appendixes. The book will be helpful for students and graduates who have studied introductory economics. The book is not primarily intended for advanced graduate students of economics, although it should be useful to them too. However, if you are already an advanced graduate student of economics and are interested in any subject or problem of advanced capitalism, you should find that the book gives you a clear view of how the world of advanced capitalism works and can be studied. The presentation in this book is mainly in narrative form. However, in the appendixes, we provide formal proofs, mathematical models, generalizations, and even computer simulations. Such proofs, models, generalizations, and simulations are necessary for grasping the essence of the economic system. For example, the price theory presented in this book can be easily understood through the mathematical model in the appendix





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International Economics Feenstra And Taylor Pdf Download jarrtym

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