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All About Me

Hi! I'm Jaci.

It's so great to have you here! I am an ordinary woman that has the privilege of being partnered with an extraordinary God in bringing a taste of heaven into this present reality. I have been married to my husband, Richard, for just over eighteen years and in that time have been blessed with seven remarkable children. Just in case that causes you to raise your eyebrows let me say that I started with one girl-baby, and that was pretty overwhelming, I assure you! While we were pregnant with our second baby (a boy), we adopted a petite little 4-year-old girl, and then we went on to have four baby boys. Being a family with six children, we were pretty sure our home was full, until we met a smiley-faced 6-year-old boy and, well, he just seemed to fit seamlessly in amongst the other four boys and so we sneaked up to 7! We are delighted with our full happy home, and our children make it look like we've got parenting waxed. At least when other people are watching! ;)

Richard and I are the lead pastors of Anthem Church in Durban, South Africa. We love our community, we love to preach and teach, we love to travel and we love to talk about God around our dining room table with old and new friends, and good food and wine. Richard loves to build with his hands, chat with our girls and wrestle with the boys on the trampoline, and I love to read them copious books and cuddle with them as they watch movies.


It delights my heart to write and teach, and it feeds my soul to hear how it may have benefited others. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and perhaps one day you'll get around to listening to a podcast, reading a few blogs or one of my books, which are available here on the online store. May God take the thoughts He has given me and the simple words I have tried to express them in and cause them to be seeds that grow in your life! That is my prayer. 

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