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Keep Hope Alive

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Everything changed for us in a moment that Christmas Eve, as our 13-year-old daughter lay in my lap. I pressed gently on her head with a towel to curb the bleeding, and felt soft brokenness where solid skull should have been.

Have you ever needed a miracle more than you needed your next breath?
Our story began with an everyday, unremarkable journey of faithful faith; but found its pinnacle at the top of a metaphorical mountain with our daughter on the altar of a surgeon’s table.
For some mysterious reason, God turned the eyes of a watching world towards us as we waited and prayed and kept hope alive. And as we surrendered all other hope but hope in the eternal, he showed the world that he is still the God who sees. He has not abandoned us; he is not unaware; his hands are not tied. Surrender made way for our victory, and our story of overcoming was very simply a story of hope in the Overcomer.
There is a way to secure God's engagement in our lives, and that way is through surrendering to our need for him.

This book is written as a daily devotion and is an invitation to you to join my journey of devoted surrender. My prayer is that this would be a key to unlocking miraculous breakthrough in your life the way it did in mine!

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