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Breaking Inertia

Honestly, it’s 8pm. I have been sitting staring at a blank screen for… well, since about 1:30pm. And I’ve got nothing for you. I know in my heart, in my essence, that I’m a writer. And I know deep down where important things are known that I need to be writing regularly in order to fulfil my calling and purpose. But nothing I start seems to be important enough or relevant enough to share or worth your time to read.

At about 5pm I nearly quit and I went through to the room that my husband was in and complained, “What a pointless exercise! I’m trying to fulfil my weekly blog commitment but after four hours I’ve got nothing!”

“Not pointless,” he reminded me. “Not pointless at all. You’ve started the routine.”

You’ve started the routine. And isn’t that everything sometimes? Well, at least at the beginning. Today is Monday, and we’re back at work after a two week break, and I like to use this week before the school term starts to get good routines going. So I got up at 5:30 this morning *yawn!* for a time devoted to God. We got the kids up and dressed for 7am breakfast, followed by regular morning chores - a bit of whining and groaning as the ‘wheels’ start turning again. I even dragged myself off to gym.

As soon as I cranked up the treadmill and my earphones, I knew it was going to be a good run. I was light on my feet, full of energy and breathing easy at a great pace.* And that made me smile, because just two weeks ago I came out of a month long illness and my first "run" was even worse than today's blog efforts! It was more a "wog" than a jog. In fact, it was little more than showing up. But none the less, I got dressed in my running kit, went off at the scheduled time and walked for, like, ten minutes. Which might sound like a waste of time, but you know, the real win in the beginning is the beating of that inertia, the conquering of your mind that says you’re not up to starting. And barely two weeks later I'm having fun, breathing easy, picking up the pace and on my way.

And so, this blog is me, showing up, putting on my takkies, and starting the routine. Thanks for popping by to make me feel better, and I hope you're encouraged to start whatever it is you need to start, too!

*Disclaimer: Great pace is hugely relative. Don't mock! :)

Blank Notebook

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