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Daily Bread

We were up with the birds this morning. What does this new day in this new year hold? None of us know, I guess. All living on daily mercies.

I feel a sense of excitement. They plan to turn her ventilator off and take the pipe out her throat. It is the first time we will know if she has any ability to talk, and possibly find out if she knows who we are.

Richard is steeling himself for the worst. We’ve seen very little (no?) recognition in her eyes. His daddy heart can’t rest just yet.

I’m not sure how I feel. I love her so much, no matter what she knows. I’ll kiss my way back into her heart. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by my kisses.

Our boys are coming to the hospital today to join the soldiers at prayer. They’ve been protected from the fight, mostly. We go home each evening and hang out with them, catching up more on their news than ours.

The man on the bike might visit today. He is walking with a cane for now, but has no broken bones and is okay. I chatted to him at the scene of the accident, and we’ve been checking up on him. He seems to have no serious injuries. Another mercy.

And so again today we wait. I’m becoming more comfortable with daily bread. My words don’t seem to flow with much beauty this morning, but I’ve been praying more for Kiara’s words than mine.

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