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Fun-Gavin Christmas!

Five days before the accident, our family was gifted a photo shoot. We had been wanting to have one for years, but you know how it goes - there are more urgent things to spend money on. It was the first and only photo shoot we had had as a family of nine.

It came about quite ‘randomly’. A photographer named Steph Stein had been attending our Sisterhood events at Anthem, where I had been preaching. She messaged me out-of-the-blue on Facebook, and said she felt prompted to bless us with a shoot. She drove an hour from where her own young family were camping for the holidays just to take our pics.

Prompted... obedient.

Five days later, her gift became the most valuable gift we’d ever received.

Today, she showed up again, and captured our Christmas miracle. Tonight, I won’t blog with words. I’ll let her pictures tell the story. But suffice to say one thing: next time you feel a slight Spirit-prompting, be obedient like Steph Stein. What might seem small to you, might be heaven’s touch to someone else.

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