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Girls in Boots

There is a stirring in the air, a fresh breeze that has been travelling around the globe, gathering momentum in recent years. There is a whisper in the wind, a caress so nonintrusive it is often undetected. There is a groundswell of daughters taking their rightful place alongside their brothers; girls with boots on the ground and eyes on the hills; girls that wear peace like a crown and courage like a breastplate; girls who are not afraid to take up arms. Have I lost you? It's me - one of the girls - and certainly not the biggest or the strongest! But I have a voice and I am using it to call you. Come with me for a minute into a snapshot in history and then we’ll bring it back to the current ‘wind’: It's the 1860's in North America - supposedly the United States of America, but they're not that united. In fact, they're engaged in a civil war, North against South, Union vs Confederacy, and it's all about slavery. The South is where the big cotton farms are - they need the slaves for business. The Northern leaders take an unprecedented risk - they enlist and arm the black men amongst them. Previously black men have served only as manual labour, information-gatherers and first-aiders. A Southern leader watches the opposition army double in size and urges his side to follow suit, arguing that "slavery, from being one of our chief sources of strength at the commencement of the war, has now become, in a military point of view, one of our chief sources of weakness," and insists that if the South limits their soldiers to whites only, they will be no match for the massive army of the North. But the Southerners refuse, arguing that a slave is born to be a slave, is better off as a slave, and therefore is unable to fight for freedom. And so, the Confederate army of the South refuses to enlist the black men. The Union army, swollen with troops of every colour, is victorious. Their army has doubled. The Confederates don't stand a chance. So what about today? How does that relate to what is happening now?

It's the 2000's and there is an acceleration towards the coming age, the future kingdom when Jesus rules victorious. His return is imminent. There is work to be done and the urgency is increasing. For centuries, the daughters of God have been playing different roles in the mission of God. There have been a few Joan of Arc's but mostly there have been nurses, armour-bearers, supporters and information-gatherers. Women have contributed, but have been wary of over-stepping their marks. Loyal to the cause, they have faithfully submitted to the roles they have been given and channeled the warrior-roar within them into a socially-acceptable avenue.

But there has been a stirring, an inviting caress, a whisper in the wind inviting them to more. There has been rumours of "more", rumours of a strategy-change, and around the world there has been a gathering number of women who have accepted the permission being offered to them and who are strapping on their boots and training their arms for battle. Within each women is a song, words that bring hope and a drumbeat that breeds courage. Women who have willingly lain done their individuality as a sacrifice to their King are being given permission to sing their songs and to shine! The Spirit of God is calling them out and He's inviting them to enlist. Yes, they will serve as armour-bearers and nurses. These women have given themselves to service. But they will also be enlisted as warriors and issued with powerful weapons. Can you hear it? God is calling out the generals!

In each women's heart is a song. Can you hear it? Men, can you give the women around you permission to sing it out loud? Women, will you listen to the lyrics your heart has never stopped humming and dare to add your voice to the rising battle cry? There is an Anthem that will be heard when the Sisterhood wakes up to her destiny. Shout it out!

The women of Anthem are taking a moment on the evening of the 30th May to silence the cacophony of voices shouting orders and to hear the voice of their King. If you are part of Anthem or are looking for a sisterhood to align with, you are invited to join us that evening!

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