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Hour by Hour

My darling Kiara. You are everything. As we wait by your bedside, we know that this body no longer serves you the way it did. It still looks perfectly beautiful, mind you, but I know you will never be free to dance again while you remain in it. We want you to get your next one, the one that will last forever. I used to think that to lose a child was such a waste. That all the time and energy poured into them would never get to reach it’s potential. What a silly thought I now realise that is. Not a minute of your thirteen years has been a waste. You have blessed me beyond measure every day. You life has brought immeasurable blessing to countless people, and His glory has been revealed by your brilliance. Every dance move you have perfected, every intellectual challenge you have mastered, every book you have read has shown off His creative genius. Friends, we are now praying that Kiara would be spared a life in a vegetative coma, and that she would be free to dance in heaven as soon as possible. However, if not, it would be our pleasure to serve her for as long as necessary, the way she has served us her whole life.  

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