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One Week On

It’s been a week. Day 7 was a great day. A beautiful day, really. While Kiara is not yet awake, she has been responsive with her left side, squeezing our hands and moving her arm occasionally. I was with her when she was cleaned and, even in her comatose state, she was trying to help when they rolled her over and also grasping at the sheet and pulling it to cover herself up modestly. She opened her eyes sleepily at times to ‘ask’ for help when she needed her throat cleared or to look at us lazily while we spoke to her.

She is so beautiful. She is perfection to kiss and touch. She is still brave, helpful and shy.

God was vocal yesterday, too. He filled me with courage to let go of ‘fleshly’ life and cling with both hands to the life of the spirit. Romans 8 has come alive. Those who live by the impulses of the Holy Spirit are motivated to pursue spiritual realities.

The spirit life supercedes the flesh life. I love Kiara. Enough to release her into God’s plan. I am convinced that any suffering we endure is less than nothing compared to the magnitude of glory that is about to be unveiled within us.

From all corners of the world has come the message that Kiara is dancing with Jesus. One of her thirteen-year-old friends gave us a painting she did which depicts this. I do believe something is happening in the spirit. And I do believe the significance of it is worth the suffering we are all enduring.

Am I sure that Kiara will be okay? No. Despite people’s reassurances that Kiara will be just fine, there is no substance there to stand on. They are wishes and dreams and hopes without bedrock.

So, have I lost my faith? No. My faith remains where it has always been. That God has got a plan. Possibilities of different outcomes hit me in the gut throughout the day and night, but they will not knock me off my feet. We do not know the outcome. But we know a good God determines it.

The spirit life supercedes the flesh life. The invisible is more important than the visible. Kiara is in a significant, life-altering dance with Jesus. Who am I to cut in on the dance?

We will wait.

Painting by Jemma Olivier (13). Complete Surrender to the Dance.

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