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Recovering Stolen Goods

It’s hard not to do cartwheels down the hospital passage. I couldn’t suppress a few skips and jumps. My ballerina is pointing her toes on both feet. She can write her name with both hands. Can you?! Her writing is shaky and spelling unsure, but she pushes on, unperturbed for now.

I offer her a few familiar books and she grabs an old favourite and begins to devour it. “Can you understand all the words?” She smiles and nods. She’s holding it in her own hands, clumsily at first, but she’s turning the leaves, her eyes tracking across the page with her usual speed and fluency.

She sees neuro’s and physio’s and O.T.’s and dieticians and speech and language therapists and grannies who can’t be held at bay. Last they saw their first grandchild was to kiss her goodbye in her sleep. The management on all levels of Netcare, right to the regional top dog, pop their heads in to watch and wonder and are rewarded with a gentle smile and a royal wave.

At 11:30am, I catch her eye and whisper, “Can you believe it’s only 11:30 in the morning?” She raises one eyebrow and mouths, “What?!” We share a private joke at the silliness of the busyness, while inside I celebrate - she mouthed a word!

She manages to eat, a whole serving of ice cream - each movement of her lips, jaw, tongue, a miracle.

We have to leave her for a bit to have an interview with a national news station. What are you doing here, God?

At that time your mouth will be opened; you will speak with him and will no longer be silent. So you will be a sign to them, and they will know that I am the Lord.” Ezekiel 24:27

He that was dead sat up and began to speak... Luke 7:15

God, do it again like you did it before!

Sensible doctors warn us (though unable to hide their smiles) that there are still so many risks and such a long way to go. Her skull is in her abdomen! Nothing is certain.

Yes, it is true and it’s good to remember. It’s true for us all, though. Nothing is certain.

But today, we have life. Today, we have sunshine. Today, we are not mourning our daughter.

May those who are praying join us in declaring life over Kiara. Prayers for today:

Kiara’s throat would be healed after intubation.

Kiara will regain her speech centre and be able to vocalise. That she would remember words.

That Kiara would learn to control her mouth muscles and her tongue.

Kiara will remember how to write. It was difficult to send messages to her right hand.

Kiara will continue to gain coordination and strength, particularly in her right side. Fine motor control.

Kiara will continue to remember her loved ones and her memories would all come back to her.

That her scalp would remain free of infection and heal well enough to be re-operated on when it’s time.

That her skull in her abdomen would be infection free and remain healthy.

That as Kiara begins to process the trauma that we’ve all been processing for days, she would remain strong and brave. It’s now time to help HER #keephopealive.

That fear would be kept at bay as Kiara enters the night tonight, for the first time aware that she has no idea how much she’s lost.

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Jennifer Loris
Jennifer Loris
Mar 28, 2019

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Jan 07, 2019

Good evening and Our God is awesome and the Miracle Maker. Will continue to pray for Kiara and the family, doctors and nursing staff. Be blessed


Jan 03, 2019 Dance then wherever you may be. I am the Lord of the dance said he. For Kiara ~ may her healing be complete in Him.


Wendy Kohlmeyer
Wendy Kohlmeyer
Jan 03, 2019

Wonderful, Wonderful news! Praying that today is another day of leaps and bounds!


Jan 03, 2019

YES!!!!! Been glued to the udpates as if she was a blood sister. Thank you Jesus, you're a big God of small things (tongue control, throat healing, writing). Thank you for being as present in the pain as you are in the celebration. x

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