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Keeping it Fresh - Part One

How do we Stay Alive and Fresh in a Dead and Dying World?

How do we stay alive and fresh in a dead and dying world? I don’t know if it’s the time of year, or the pace of life, or the demise of the things of this age, but everyone I speak to seems to be tired, and just struggling to keep their head above water. If it’s not financial-pressure, it’s time-pressure, school-pressure, or health-pressure.

Catching up with a friend recently she seemed unaffected by all of this. Chipper as a bluebird, with perfectly manicured nails and just-so hair, she even went so far as to sing the theme song from The Lego Movie, "Everything is Awesome", complete with robotic head-and-arm movements!

“It’s great to see you so happy!” I laughed at her perky silliness. “So, you’re doing well, then?”

“Oh, no,” she responded cheerfully, “I’m falling apart at the seams! I’m just fortified, and medicated,” she announced, having another sip of her sundowner. “But then again,” she chuckled, “Who isn’t these days?”

We laughed together, and you’re welcome to laugh too, but also… wow. She’s not far off, is she? Who isn’t these days?

And truthfully, all around us things are falling apart, sickness and death is rife, the leaders of the world appear to have lost the plot, and morality seems to be a thing our children will learn about only in history class. 

I’m a believer in the hope of the age to come, and so I am not caught off guard or surprised by this world’s spiral into chaos and self-destruction. However, and this is my point today, are we trapped in the mire of decay that surrounds us? The contrast between us, who have found the eternal life of Christ, and this crazy world should be getting more and more pronounced as we spiral into the end of the age… but are we lost in the spiral? Are we getting tired and worn out? Maybe the very things that should be bringing us life - our families, churches, our daily work - are the things that are draining the life out of us.

And so, I want to do a little blog series, starting now, that answers this question - how do we stay alive and fresh in a dead and dying world?

Blog series starting now!!!!!

Stay connected over the next few weeks as we look at this telling question: “What is killing you?”

What is killing you? Is it eternal things? Is it temporary things? Is it things you can change?

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Oct 11, 2019

Great read, thank you needed this 🙏🏽


Kathy Campbell
Kathy Campbell
Oct 08, 2019

Looking forward to your message! You write so well. Xxx


Arlene Damons
Arlene Damons
Oct 08, 2019

Shew .. food for thought. Yes I agree, there is a heaviness weighing us down.. I love John Legend, All of me loves all of you. The words 'my heads under water but I'm breathing fine'.. although not all the words may be appropriate, I love Jesus ... All of me loves All of you, or Him singing that to me..

And somehow enabling meto breath under the water of Life...

Seeing the sun through the water knowing there is HOPE.. keeping hope alive xxx

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