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The Breasted Warriors

2020 - The Year of Sustainable Health - has broken me in a few quick rounds and I find myself on my knees and it’s only February. A friend comes and whispers in my ear, “I saw you kneeling there, and I felt God say he was pouring, pouring into you - oil, water, wine - pouring into an incomplete vessel, and the pot was being finished as he filled it. Whatever you’re experiencing, I felt God saying he is using it to grow your capacity, and he will continue to fill you as you continue to stretch.”And I look up into the face of my friend, his eyes wet with kindness, and I remember my gymnastics coach decades ago, stretching us and hurting us and turning us into the champions he knew we were.

God trains my hands for battle; my arms can bend a bow of bronze. (Psalm 18:34 NIV)

God has me on a journey, and it has me blinded and broken at times, but it is a journey into the land of my freedom. I journey into my inheritance - the fullness of life that he has won for me. The way is painful, but the end is worth it, and I know I cannot get there alone.

But God has not sent us alone! He has gathered us in squads and troops and regiments, and called us to march each other forward.

God Almighty declares the word of the gospel with power, and the warring women of Zion declare its message. (Psalm 68:11 TPT)

I stand among a mighty throng, a great company of women, and I am not first, and others follow behind me.

What is Sisterhood United, you ask? It is an invitation to every women to come and find yourself in The Great Company of women. Come as a regiment, or come alone - but come and stand together to declare the message of freedom. We gather because our collective freedom has the power to free others.

Two things I know are true:

1. You’re stronger than you think.

2. We need each other more than we know.

Because of these truths, the girls around Durban are having a Sisterhood United evening on Wednesday, 26 February, 6:30pm, at Olive Convention Center in Durban. The theme for this evening is YOU SAY I AM STRONG, and you’re invited!

Sisterhood belongs to any woman who wants the freedom to be everything that her Creator made her to be. It is about stripping off our masks and our layers of self-preservation, and thereby giving others permission to do the same. If you’ve found freedom and a sisterhood, come! If you’re looking for these things still, come!

(Free!) ticket sales are open:

Pray for me, please, as I fight for the new levels of freedom that God has for me, and I will pray for you as I prepare to minister on this evening. Share the invite, spread the love and let’s unite the girls in our city!

❤️ Jacs

(Friends from out of town… yes, I love to travel to other cities to to spread the word - thank you for asking. I believe in local church, and local ‘sisterhood’, and so have no plans to attempt to host an evening in a different city without invitation from churches there… I hope you understand?)

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